Founded in 1978, Calderprint have enjoyed a steady progression to our current status as one of the most well known and reliable trade printers in Lancashire.


About Calderprint

We are a twenty four hour operation, employing over seventy staff with a turnover of over £7 million.

Our production planning is highly flexible, which allows us to produce work in an extremely short period of time. All work is produced in-house and fully controlled by our stringent quality procedures. Our range of presses also allow us to produce a vast array of print work competitively.

As for the future? Calderprint Ltd looks forward to continuing to build on our success and maintain our reputation as a professional, reliable trade printer. Whether our customers need business cards, folders, calenders or stitched booklets – Calderprint Ltd has a range of competetive print solutions.

For further details please contact Chris Woodall or Gregg Hodson on 01282 831530.